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Watch your favorite videos back to back on TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone. Create unlimited playlists to share and watch later. Load videos from popular platforms or direct MP4 into your playlist.

To get started you can search for content using the search tool above. Once the player has opened you can also select a category or paste a video url into the playlist and click play.

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Add your logo to the player. When you embed video into your site
add powerful brand recognition with your own player!

It's as easy as embedding a YouTube video in your page.
Preview one of your YouTube video urls

Create your whitelabel account for a Youtube channel.

Enquire about this to whitelabel[at]

> create playlists <

     Enter a playlist url here and watch it.

Some playlist urls are below. Right click on the image and "copy link" then paste it in here.

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Hello Choice

Notice your favorite video content is dispersed across the web? Now you can bring it together, create and watch playlists and more.


If you like watching video on your TV, computer or device you're in the right place. Load up a movie, doco or vlog and
make yourself at home.


Search videos
Add & remove videos
Add channel videos
Load category videos
Save & share playlists
No account required
Chromecast to your TV
100% FREE

(live beta: v0.2 in progress - updated regularly)

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The Ad Free Video platform (AFV) can be used for all sorts of purposes. It's free, we don't run ads although you will see them if they're part of the video. We're adding features and improvements regularly with the aim being to build a flexible, useful and entertaining video player.

Top right - Save Playlist This saves the video playlist and generates a URL to watch them. You can also hide/show the playlist right panel from the top right corner.

Select a thumbnail and click SAVE THESE VIDEOS AS A PLAYLIST.

A link to the playlist will appear underneath and the thumbnail container will be emptied.
Click the link to view and share the playlist.

Once created a playlist can't be altered. To alter a playlist click the Save icon,
repeat the steps and a new playlist link will be created.


When sharing playlists you can also extend them by adding a search query to the end of the url



You can also embed a playlist on your site using this code
<iframe src="" style="width:75vw;height:75vh;border-radius:15px;"></iframe>

Playlist Menus

The Playlist is made of two parts which become visible when the video is paused and slide out of view when the video is playing.

In the left menu Creators appear and in the right are the corresponding video title and thumbnail. When you scroll the left menu the right menu scrolls too. Scrolling the right menu doesn't scroll the left menu. The dots in the bottom left of the thumbnail indicate the videos platform. Red - YouTube. Orange - Bitchute. Green - Rumble. Mauve - Odysee

Menu Icons

In the left there are two icons. The creators avatar and a trashbin.

Clicking the bin removes the video from the playlist and clicking the avatar adds more of the creators videos to the list.

How many depends on what number is selected at the top of the menu.

The REORDER icon lets you change where a video appears in the playlist order

In the right menu there are 3 or 4 icons depending on the video.

The first icon is the comments icon and takes you to the video page on the platform.
The second icon lets members download the video.
The third icon is the trashbin and works the same as the left menu icon.
The fourth icon (Bitchute and Youtube videos only) opens the video in a standalone player. to share the link.


Search platforms for a variety of categories. Choose from the homepage, animation, arts, vehicles, beauty, finance, cuisine, diy, education, entertainment, gaming, health, music, news, family, animals, science, spirituality, sport, travel, vlogging and more.

Search Icon This lets you search for videos from around the web and load content creators from various platforms into the playlist.


Under the left menu there are four buttons. Home (this page), Add Videos, Reset and Unlock. Clicking the CLEAR button at the bottom of the right menu removes the videos from the playlist. Reset also clears the videos but returns the player to its default state ->

Add Videos provides the options to add individual videos to the playlist. In the left are the platform links. Enter the video url into the coresponding textbox and click Add.

To add Bitchute videos is now more dificult. You can drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks. BCvideo. Then visit the video page and click it. Copy the mp4 link and paste it into the MP4 box and click Add.

Here you'll also find keystrokes available to control the video player and the playlist. If you are a video creator the Broadcast Planner is a useful tool to help you with your vlog.



To load more from any of the creators click their avatar in the left menu.

Content Creators, Educators & Entertainers

Use the Adfree.Video Playlist feature to spread your work, your course, your art and your recommendations around. 1) Open the player and add videos into the playlist. 2) Click the Save icon in the top right. 3) Copy the Playlist link and share it around!

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(live beta: v0.2 in progress - updated regularly)

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